The Scoop of the 50 Shades of Grey Ebook Series

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey BookThe Fifty Shades is an amazing book by E.L James, popular in digital formats, specifically PDF / eBook about a deepening relationship that is between Anastasia Steele who is a college graduate and Christian Grey who is a young business magnate.

Anastasia is only a 21-year-old college senior in Pullman, Washington at the Washington
State University. One of her best friends then was one Katharine Kavanagh who was involved in writing student newspapers. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, Kate persuades Ana to take her place to interview an incredible successful young entrepreneur from Seattle (27 years) known as Christian Grey.

Something unexpected happens, in a twist of events, Ana gets instantly attracted to Christian Grey. She however finds him intimidating. This causes her to stumble as she interviews him and gets to ask him about his personal life and relationship. She leaves Grey’s office thinking that she had messed it all up. She however finds solace on thought that they ill never meet again. To her surprise Christian appears at Clayton’s in Portland area where she worked. It is while he was shopping that Ana informs him that Kate would find it amazing if some photographs would go together with her article. Christian opts to leave her phone number with Ana. She later convinces Kate to call Christian so that they can arrange for a photo shoot session with their photographer Jose Rodriguez.

The following day they all arrive for the photo shoot at Heathman and it is then the he asks Ana out for a cup of coffee. As got to know each other, Christian asks her if she was dating Jose. She denied it and Grey went ahead to ask him about her family. It is then that Ana learns that Christian is single but not the kind of guy that is into flowers and hearts.

After a while Christian sends a package to Ana that contained copies of Tess of the d’Urbervilles, that stuns her. Later, Ana together with her friends go out to have drinks where she over drinks. She wrongly calls Christians who accepts to pick her up. While waiting, Jose tries to kiss her but it’s stopped by Christian’s arrival. They together leave after discovering that Kate is flirting with Elliot, Christian’s brother. It is later when Ana wakes up in Christian’ s room that he reveals to her that he would love to have sex with her.

Christian takes her to his apartment in his helicopter. Christian insists they should sign a non-disclosure agreement that forbids her from discussing anything that they do together, Ana agrees to the idea. When Christian realizes that she is a virgin, he agrees to take her virginity without signing a contract. They once again have sex the following morning. It is then that Christian’s mother meets them and realizes she was wrong to have thought Christian was homosexual.

As time passed, Ana receives packages from Christian among them a laptop for her BDSM research. They begin emailing each other and Ana begin teasing him on ground that she would not honor the contract.

Later, Ana runs away from Christian. She doesn’t see him again until her college graduation, where Christian happened to be the guest speaker. It is then that, Ana agrees to the submissive contract. They meet for further discussion on the way forward. The lavish gifts that Christian gives Ana leave her at a state of confusion. She lands a job at Seattle Independent Publishing when she realizes her relationship with Christian was too complicated.

Their relationship end when she asks Christian to punish her so that he can show her how extreme a BDSM relationship with him is. He fulfils Ana’s request and beats her with a belt. Ana realizes that the two are incompatible. She becomes devastated and leaves Christian. You can grab a free pdf download of fifty shades of grey online by clicking the link.